Mixed Doubles Sunday 27th Feb

Sunday’s event was just a normal competition but it was more than that it was a good day, a great success and I came away feeling really proud of what CPC achieved.

The Club looked fantastic, well done piste organisers, I had 2 comments saying how lucky we were to have such wonderful facilities and to put on an event like this.

The catering was second to none, sold out! The Bahn Mi were outstanding and home-made cakes a hit, our catering is always delicious and creative.

The draws, Di’s welcoming banter with the players who brought in the score cards, the fact JP got the new version of the PFA’s Sport program to work despite its unproven integrity, the day was a showcase of how to present draws and results on the TV on high. All this can be taken for granted till you play elsewhere less lucky than we are.

To be honest, that’s a polite understatement. It’s more than just luck, the Club has worked hard to achieve what we have and what we are and every now and then we should allow ourselves to feel good about it.


Huge respect is due to our players. Aileen Hebblethwaite playing with Mt Macedon’s Danny Green just got beaten to 2nd place in the Cosolente.

Bob and Mary came top in the qualifying 4 rounds against Victoria’s best, They were so close to being 3rd in the Pincipale that it was really = 3rd.

Kate and  Vinz played extremely well they were second (only a delta or two behind Bob and Mary) at the end of the qualifying rounds and 5th in the Principale. That’s 3 out of the 5 top places to CPC!

We had encouraged more of our players to be involved and it was so good to see 6 other CPC teams taking part and fighting to the end of each of their games, staying the course to the last game  of the day. Congrats to Rex and Kathy who came midway in the Consolante. A review resulted in Leigh Grummisch and Mark Fitzgerald being awarded  1st in the Social with Marija and John Muscat placed 2nd. Accordingly, Martial and Sue dropped to 3rd and our Jenny & Heinz to 4th. Also well done to Marija, Deidre and David, all recent newcomers having the enthusiasm and courage to come and compete. As one of their opponents quietly said to me their scores did not adequately reflect how well they represented themselves.

Altogether I thought it was a notable day for CPC. The day was long but the Club presented and played admirably well. Congratulations to all. I know this sounds like hubris, which I deplore but truly it was a successful day and to watch how the visitors enjoyed themselves and our people edging towards their own successes was uplifting. All members should share in this success.

Cheers Keven


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