CPC Mixed Triples 21 May 2023

Well! What a day. Started off with lots of predictions of how much more precipitation we might have, How long for the ponds to dry up, will we delay the start. But all Good. the showers were hardly noticable. The quality of play was international standard. The friendly atmosphere pervaded throughout (aided by the music in the background). And the Food, OMG! the food - just sensational. So good, nobody even noticed that there was no heating available in the club rooms.

Many thanks to all involved, notably Paul, JP, Eilaine, Jude, Pam, Carol, Kathy, Wayne and the many others in the background that worked so hard to make a sensational day.

Once again the 5 game format proved to be very popular, with most players there at the end to cheer the prize winners. (increased Prize money too) It also meant that those travellers from the further country areas could get home in daylight.

The full results are attached and if you want to know more about the "BHN" & the "fBHN" send an email to audiorexy@gmail.com. (you will wish you hadn't)

Thanks to Di Collins for her photo coverage. (Click to Enlarge)

For More images CLICK HERE.

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