“Boule-less in Bhutan”, (Part 1) by Keven

1.  "Half way up the Himalayas there's not a lot of flat ground for boules, just the odd temple.







2.  We tried to find some boules for a photo but archery is Bhutan's national sport.

    Fearsome carbon fibre bows and a tiny target twice the Olympic distance






 3.  They also love barefoot dancing, healthier than barefoot bowls.









 4.  If you're really interested here's a few more photos for the curious.

      5th generation Monarch and young family, Bhutan's never been colonised.










6.  Their charming airport. Makes Tulla look a bit dull.








 7.  The only other airport is small. Very. But with good facilities.







Life is simple – who needs stairs so long as you have Netflix.







Grand prayer wheels and most everyday buildings are exquisitely decorated.