This IS Petanque

Welcome Newcomers

That was Petanque....with a few sparks! 

And here's our 'Club' video....we can sparkle too!


Now come for a Free Trial 

Call us for a free trial, no obligation. We’ll arrange a Host Member to look after you

Learn about the game and get the hang of throwing the boule

Then join in an hour's casual game with other members. Two more free visits are part of the deal


Contact us now

Call Rex (0412 148 116), Coleen (0403 752 231) or Paul (0412 259 333)

Or just text "CPC, your mobile" to any of us and we'll call you right back



Open Days

Visit us on the days we play. You may be able to get a trial session there and then

Wed 11.00-3.00, Fri 5.30-9.30, Sat 12.30-4.00, so long as weather's OK

Better still, call first so someone can be ready waiting for you 

Call Rex (0412 148 116),  Coleen (0403 752 231 or Paul (0412 259 333)


Club Location

Lynden Park Recreation Centre. It's 100m down

Wakefields Grove between 64-66 Through Rd

Camberwell 3124 (Melway 60 F4)



Most question will be answerd by going to the JOIN US menu CLICK HERE

For a Membership Application Form CLICK HERE