Get Some Training

So Where Do I Get That? Right here at CPC!

Our Club is incredibly lucky to have Robert Pozzobon as a member because Robert was an Australian coach for Bocce. Petanque and Bocce are very similar and Robert has started an ambitious coaching program to involve as many members as are interested. We are one of the very few clubs who can offer a formal training program. The first sessions were held in November 2021 and were a great success. The second sessions are being held in February 2022. Following that, specific coaching will be held to encourage players to learn how to shoot, an important technique. It is planned to continue coaching on an ongoing basis as needs arise. If you have a specific enquiry contact the Committee.

Petanque Federation Australia

PFA have some training videos to help you.  CLICK HERE


This UK Video Is Excellent 

This is an excellent 21 minute video produced by Petanque England which covers a lot of mid-level skills. It is highly recommended. CLICK HERE