Get Some Training

So Where Do I Get THAT?

The previous section on Improving Your Skills was lengthy. This section is not.

It is not easy for any club to establish a scheduled training program. Members needs, interests and availability differ, there is no such thing as a one size fits all. So often not a lot is done. CPC is not alone in struggling. Neither PFA nor VPCI offer a training program you can sign up for like, say, a wine appreciation or a beginners painting course.

However,  go to the PFA document at Scroll down half way and find on the right hand side “Player Training Manual 2018”. Don’t be put off by the first page - which is empty! Skim down through a lot of valuable, preliminary stuff until page 12 then read on. As a beginner this whole document is excellent help. As a more experienced player it would be amazing if you didn’t learn a few worthwhile tips from page 12 on.

Thinking aloud

It would be good if our Club could try to do some structured training. Research what’s most wanted, schedule it monthly or 2 monthly, try it for a year and learn from it. One of the ‘Aims of the Club’ is ‘To provide regular training opportunities to help Members improve their knowledge as well as their standard of play.’ So let’s have a go. Put it on the committee’s agenda, come up with a plan.

VPCI have recently appointed Lindsay Kinghorn as the new State Director of Coaching and along with other well qualified coaches it should be possible to put together a Club program. That’s probably the easy part, getting enough people to attend is what needs to be first determined. Maybe it could be done in conjunction with another club, say Lindsay’s Mount Macedon or if that's too far another Melbourne club maybe followed by some mixed games afterwards.

You Also Get It From This Excellent Video

In the meantime there is an excellent 21 minute video produced by Petanque England which covers a lot of mid-level skills. It is highly recommended. CLICK HERE