Letter from the Prez. & some responses
Greetings CPC Member

The new committee had its first meeting this week, and it was full of lively discussions, ideas and enthusiasm. I just wanted to send a short message to share with you some of what we are planning. I also wanted to inform you of important changes that were introduced at the AGM last week.

Greetings and welcome to what is a lot of NEW....
New, in how the committee will communicate with you…. and you with the committee. There are new ideas on formats of games, internal competitions, social games and social activities. New hardware on and around the pistes


Also new is the Club's  NEW Committee. For those that weren’t at the AGM please let me introduce them to you. Ordinary committee members (but much more than ordinary really) are: 

   Marion Mc Donald - Social & catering 
   Kathy Barker  - Social & catering, general support to all other positions
   Bob Hutchinson - General support, piste, competition and Play
   Paul Williams - ‘Enjoying the Game” Game program controller, membership officer.

   Deidre Egan - Secretary
   Greg Hall - Treasurer
   Coleen Cartwright - Vice President, hall hire, JMC rep.
   And then there’s Rex .
You will note that the committee is a 50-50 gender mix which reflects our membership.

As a committee and representing the Club members, we would like to give our thanks and gratitude to the outgoing committee for their hard work and dedication in serving the Club over the previous term. Well Done!

Thank you to the Members of CPC for your show of confidence to give we, the committee, the opportunity to serve you throughout this next year.

Now onto what’s happening...

No more play day fees
This is already in place. Costs will be covered by an increase in subscription from next year of just $35. These changes were unanimously agreed by members at the AGM  last week. If you play more than 7 games a year (7 x $5) you are already ahead and saved.

Keeping you informed
We DO want you to be informed and updated on all things club & petanque. We DO NOT want to overwhelm you with communications. 
To that end SMS (text) messages will only be used for urgent important notices, such as cancellation of play, Covid alerts and similar.
A new regular newsletter will be produced with appropriate and timely information. Other notices that can’t wait for the next newsletter will be reduced to as few as possible.
All notices and newsletters will go onto the website so you can access them at any time later.

We encourage your feedback
The Committee would like to know how you prefer your communications, so please let us know. In fact we would like to know what you  think about some of the ideas we have included in this message as well as what you want more generally. So we may ask some of those questions, more formally a little further down the track. Email us to share your thoughts.

We are reviewing games formats on Friday and Saturday
We are looking at returning the Friday night game to a more social setting as it was originally. Also we are looking at possible changes to Saturdays’ play to accommodate those who play for the competition and those who wish to play more socially. This may include changes to how prizes are drawn.

Piste scorers and seating
Research is being undertaken into permanent scorers on each piste and string line piste dividers. We may do some trials with current scorers.  Improvements to seating around the pistes are also being considered.

Wait - there's more

  • Introducing an internal club competition for teams as well as a shooting competition.
  • More and a wider variety of social events including themed play days. Maybe a winery tour.
  • Recognition of individuals whether it be through player ranking, off piste activities, innovative ideas/designs, or anything else of note.
  • Sponsorship partners
  •  A drive to find a greater gender mix of duties e.g. Ladies to open the club and run the day. Gents to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm

And that’s just the start………….
More coming soon. 
See you on the pistes

Rex out.

From Gordana:

In response to Rex's email ...

“  drive to find a greater gender mix of duties e.g. Ladies to open the club and run the day. Gents to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm”
Thrilled to hear that we are moving towards gender equality!
I’m excited for the new initiatives :)
The feedback button is awesome!
Couldn't agree more about the gender equality myself ;)
Coleen (v.p.)
From Rob P:
Hi Robert, thank you for your comments. responses in Red below.
Rex .
In response to Rex's email ...
Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.
I have two suggestions
1. What about a friends and family day or evening.  It would be great to have a game with my family and meet family of other members. Yes, We will certainly look at that
2. I think thought should be given for summer to make better use of the shade on hot days.  We could turn the direction of the north pistes so that more games could be place in full shade.  I can sketch the idea out if you like. Yes, would love to look at that. We are investigating the possibility of retractable shade cloth, even a full Boulerdrome - but that one is down the line a bit
I like the ideas of different shooting and game activities .Thank you. Will speak to you further on what we are planning.
Thanks Robert