Rex's Rod

It’s Long. It gets quick results. It’s easily accessible. It may not be as rigid as some might like, but it satisfies completely.


How many times has the first throw of the ‘cosh been challenged? “Too Short!” / “Too Long!”. Then somebody steps it out, starting with long strides and finishing up with something to akin “baby steps”. Then makes a declaration the nobody really believes anyway.


Rex’ Rod  is the dispute resolution device that has been designed to quickly and easily overcome the situation.


First impressions are that is just 2 lengths of electrical conduit glued together. Well Indeed it is. That's because it’s weatherproof, durable, light, user friendly and is a single person operation


The orange length is 4 metres. The Grey length is one metre. Total 5 Metres.


Obviously then; 2 x full lengths is 10 metres,


One full length PLUS one extra grey length gives you 6 metres. Simples.


It lives outside, currently in the centre shelter.


Of course you can use a 10 metre tape. But there is not always one available. It is usually in someones bag, off piste and it requires 2 people to operate.


Try Rex’x Rod next time you want to play a round. You’ll be surprised at the satisfaction it brings


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