We Won the Award

2022 Boroondara Sports Award for the 

Innovative Club of the Year

The Club that has delivered a program, event, or project which primarily focuses on providing a new/different ways of attracting new participants.


Congratulations and thanks are due to all Club members who participated in the Membership drive which was the reason the club received this award.

Keven, of course, for applying for the grant the first place which lead on to the drive. His use of outside consultants, planning the Mail box drops and overall coordination of the campaign.

The others  too, who participated in the videos. Those that put their games and time aside to welcome and introduce potential new members.  Those that had to learn about social media and it’s mores. And The registration processors that are necessary for each new member.

And of course all of the playing members who accepted the interruption to normal play over those months to accomodate such a large influx.

All members should be proud of this award. A great deal of effort was put in to make this happen, but importantly, the Club did not lose it’s welcoming, wonderful, accepting character during that period. In fact it has been enhanced by the addition of  our newer members.


Well done CPC, and congratulations