Outbreak Update

Hello All Members,

I’ve just heard from Graeme Houghton that his PCR test turned out to be positive as suspected. Graeme feels like he has a heavy cold so he’s not in too bad shape. On the phone he sounded quite ‘chipper’, as the yanks call it!

I hope all those at the Club on Wednesday are feeling normally well. Anyone who thinks they may have symptoms from Wednesday’s games please contact me asap as it will help us decide on opening up next week.

Mick and I were discussing this situation earlier today and our feeling is we will open on Wednesday unless there is a definite new case arising from last week.

This is in line with learning to live with the new circumstances and we agreed to make two points on this.

Firstly everyone has a responsibility to inform potential contacts without delay if they believe they might have been in a situation of becoming infected, just as Graeme did for us. The Club relies on this to take appropriate action as we have done over the last few days. Better safe than sorr

Secondly Graeme’s case is a wake-up call. We have become complacent at the Club, it’s easy to do. Masks are mandatory inside and valuable outside. Social distancing is effective. Now think about Wednesday. I can’t recall a mask in sight and how crowded we were around the tables under the shelter, though hopefully better than being inside. It’s not easy where to draw the line but we need to improve. It’s either masks or distancing, one or the other but not neither. When playing it should be easy, just keep your distance. ONE PERSON MEASURES not everyone peering over the bloke with the tape! Social interaction is an important part of our enjoyment. We should sit outside whenever possible, it’s safer than inside. Bring warmer clothing in case. Then double your normal distance from the next person. It’s very contagious and I don’t want to catch it from you and you don’t want to catch it from me! That’s how we can live with it, particularly till this Omicron wave is over.