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The AGM is almost here. Be involved, be informed, eat pizza. The popular Friday card games afternoons are continuing and there’s good news about the competition ladder.

Annual General Meeting Saturday August 19 at 11am

…and pizza for lunch

Come along to find out about our club’s operations and finances. You can ask questions about these topics, speak about any items on the agenda and you will be asked to vote to:

  • accept the minutes of the last AGM

  • accept the annual report

  • accept the annual financial statements

  • elect committee members

  • accept a proposal for membership fees from 1 July 2024


The proposal for membership fees is to increase the Associate Member fee from $50 to $80 to bring it in line with the General Membership fee. Associate Members enjoy the same facilities and  benefits as General Members, including subsidised social events (like the French Bistro Night and Pizza at the AGM). The proposal will ensure that all recipients of the club’s offerings pay equally. The $35 difference between a general and associate member is the Petanque Federation Australia player registration fee. There is no change proposed for the General Member fee.


Check your email inbox for the official notice of the meeting which includes the agenda, the minutes of the last AGM, the financial statements for 2022-23, a nomination form and a proxy form. If you are unable to attend, you may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf at the meeting.


In true CPC style, the AGM will be followed by a (club provided) pizza lunch and the usual Saturday game schedule.

Card games - last Friday of every month


Our games afternoons have been so popular we are making them a regular occurrence over the cooler months. Come and play on the last Friday of every month from 3pm for whist, canasta or whatever games take your fancy. Have fun, learn how to play, our games masters Leigh, Pam or Deidre are happy to show you how.  


 As usual, petanque play begins at 5.30 with two games out of the bucket then dinner, followed by another game (byo drinks dinner and nibblies); or you can play cards throughout the evening as you wish.  The next games session is Friday 25 August.

Coaching update

Look out for an email about week prior to each session asking if you would like to book a place. Here are the dates for the rest of the year:


Saturday September 2,  Friday October 6, Wednesday November 1

Saturday is competition day

You gotta be in it to win it….. the more players who fully participate in the three game format  the more challenge and  fun for all. It’s easy-going but there is a goal - the bottles of wine for the most successful players.


Combinations of doubles and triples are randomly chosen, which gives everyone a chance to win provided they play all 3 games. We emphasise that all members are welcome to play as many games as they choose on Saturdays, however the more participants who play three games makes for a more open contest - and more wine prizes. Look forward to seeing you on the pistes!

French Bistro Night un grand succès

CPC was transformed into a French bistro, the clubroom looked fantastic, so Frenchie. Charcuterie and traditional main course by Lionel Abello (Boeuf Bourguignon or Cassoulet anyone?) Pâtisseries created by our own Greg Harris. Guests got into the French theme and were looking très chic. Good food, good friends music and dancing, What a night.


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it a great success. Special thanks to Kathy for her  leadership in the creation and organising of this event. Big thank yous to JP, Di, Bernie, Denis, Elaine, Faye, Gerald, Gillie, Kaye, Marion, Myriam, Noella, Gordana, Greg Harris, John Muscat, Jude, Leigh, Margaret Young, Mary Muscat, Michael Young, Pam, Paul, Rosie, Vikki Martin, Vin & Rosemary. Thank you all (and sorry if I missed anyone) For the full story visit our website


Competition Ladder 

Denis has joined the Ladder and immediately challenged Leigh. He  succumbed to Leigh's onslaught of vicious shooting and hard pointing. The Score 13-7. No change to the ladder.


Myriam challenged Bob and after a brilliant comeback was victorious  13-11. She now holds the coveted top spot.


Rex had another whack at Bob and was victorious :13-7 moving up the ladder to 2nd place. Bob immediately rechallenged and won 13-7 taking 2nd spot dropping Rex to 3rd. Here are the top 5 current standings (as of July 19) :  1.Myriam  2.Dr Bob 3.Rex 4.Guy. 5.Vinze

You can follow the competition, view the full ladder and read up on the guidelines here


Climb the ladder for an annual prize

To make the ladder competition even more interesting we will  be awarding a prize at the Xmas Party. The prize will be awarded to the participant who is most often placed at the top of the ladder on the first of each month. The scoring so far is :

1 Feb Guy, 1 March Guy, 1 April Bob 1 June Bob 1 July Bob 1 August Myriam


By way of background we considered a number other options for awarding the ladder “winner” e.g 1) Top of the ladder on the day of the party. 2) Most weeks at the top of the ladder over the year.

These options were found to be either not as fair (but easy to monitor) or fairest (but hardest to monitor.)

This may lead to some entertaining flurries of activity in the last few days of the month - here’s hoping. For this year ….that’s the plan. If you have better ideas for future years please contact Bob.


Coming soon

September 10 Camberwell Mixed Triples Competition 60+
October 7th Trivia Night  

November 7th Cup Day play day

December 2nd Christmas Party


Short cuts

The Event Calendar includes dates for play, club opening roster, coaching, competitions and social events- it's always available on our website.

What has our committee been up to? The minutes of our meetings are published on the website you can check them out here.

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