Parking & Lighting

At last! Exciting developments in both the areas of Lighting and Parking.


There is now signage to the dedicated parking areas around the Club. It seems we may have even more area than expected.

This is a fantastic outcome, albiet logical, common sensical and as it should have been from the very begining. a very great thank you to all those involved from both the Club and Council in getting this resolved.


Yes, after all the hard work put in by a number of members. notably; John Muscat, Peter Barker, J-P, Keven and others including a drone driver, the lights are in place. Operating and doing a fantastic job. It can be seen in th images how even the light is over the surface and shadowless too. Soooo looking forward to playing late into the warm summer evenings- and even winter too- without having to use up battery power from our 'phones to finish a game.

The potential for more social and even spontaneous games of an evening is almost boundless. Whoo Hoo